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Mt. Vernon Christian & Kingsway Christian Presents: 
 Kids Camp 2021

Camp 2021 Be Bold logo.png


Kids Camps August 9th-12th | Camp Wakonda 22237 Lawrence 2080, Ash Grove, MO 65604

Kindergarten - 1st Grade Day Camp - August 9th Drop off 8am / August 9th Pick Up 8:15pm

2nd - 5th Grade Elementary Overnight Camp - August 9th Drop off 8am / August 12th Pick Up 8:00 pm

Junior High Camp August 9th-13th

6th - 8th Grade Middle School Overnight Camp - August 9th Drop off 8am / August 13th Pick Up 11:00am


We are so happy you have chosen to join us this year for what we hope to be an awesome camp experience! This year we are going to BE BOLD with our faith!

There is so much we are going to be doing and learning and we are really excited to get to hang out with you shortly. First off we need to go over a few details to get you started with sign-ups.

All the information you need will be provided to you through your registration. Forms such as medical release, activity release, and packing list will be available for digital signing and download. We want you to know that we are taking every step to keep your child safe during this time. Please sign your child up based on the grade they will be entering as of fall 2021.



Our camp fee is ALL INCLUSIVE! No extra money is needed for canteen, shirts, or materials. Each camper will receive a camp shirt, daily canteen (in addition to meals), group colored; lanyards, water bottle, and bandanas!

Your child will be assigned a group color, so feel free to pack clothing to match encouraging group bonding and some friendly camp spirited competition! (Notice: This is not required just encouraged.)


Q and A's

Q: Can I visit my child during camp? or Can I pick my child up for sports and bring them back?
A: We are hoping this year will be a return to normal, however we are required both state and local guidelines as well as YMCA rules and regulations. We will update this information as we learn more. 

Q: What do I need to do with my child's medication?
A: We will have a camp nurse that will store your child's medication and administer it as needed. Place the medication in well marked ziplock bag with instructions.

Q: What if money is a little tight and I need to make payments or have assistance to send my child to camp?
A: We absolutely want your kid to attend and will work with you in any means necessary to make that happen. (Please do not let money be a reason not to send your child to camp, we want to help and have many ways to do so please contact the church office to find out how we can help.)

Q: What do drop off and pick up looks like?
A: We will be bussing your kids from the King's Way Parking Lot. Loading their luggage and taking them to the camp and returning them to the same parking lot at the times marked above. Each kids temperature will be taken before boarding the bus. So please do not leave until they are loaded.

Q: What other kids are attending camp?
A: Kids from King's Way Christian Church and Mount Vernon Christian Church will be the only kids on the campus for this camp.

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